Space Trolls (part I)

This is a short script on trolling the trolls, anti-trolling and general all round confusion and baiting.

General storyline:

You are about to read an excerpt taken from The Tuskers Public Channel - a meeting place for all different kinds of spacefarer, from the elite pvp gods to the inbetweeners, the wannabes and the (usually) awestruck newbs looking for a helping hand.

The strings are being pulled over in Rifter Drifter channel. Wensley's new alt Baltasar is looking for a helping hand onto the pvp ladder and piracy is something that interests him greatly. One of EVE's self-proclaimed greatest trollers Proxyyyy is going to be the target subject. Previously, in Rifter Drifter channel, Toadzilla turns a trolling attempt by Baltasar into an anti-troll as he goes along with the gag to recover what looked like a steamroll move by Baltasar/Wensley. However, over in Tuskers Public things are about to get interesting . . . . .

The cast.

Wensley as himself. [String puller]

Raxip Elamp as himself. [Troll, Defensive]

Miura Bull as himself. [Troll, Offensive]

Baltasar Kyros played by Wensley. [Newb-Troll]

Proxyyyy as himself. [Famous forum-troll]

Toadzilla as himself. [Confused blame-taker]

All other members of the channel - as themselves.

And so we begin . . . . 

< entering The Tuskers Public Channel >

Baltasar Kyros > hello tuskers. toadzilla told me you guys are good people to ask about learning to be a pirate.

Miura Bull > hello Baltasar Kyros

zombiedeadhead > This is a mission channel?

Ronan Jacques > hiya Balt

Raxip Elamp > Sup Balt

Baltasar Kyros > this is a mission channel?

ItsmeHcK1 > yes it is

Baltasar Kyros > oh, am i in the wrong place

Nomad Storm > no

Grohalmatar > yes, toady has lied

Baltasar Kyros > ?

Miura Bull > some of the guys in here practice piracy

Raxip Elamp > C this is for HARDCORE MISSIONERS

Ronan Jacques > /emote rolls eyes

Grohalmatar > toady is a p terrible troll

< first assumption, Grohal >

Nomad Storm > idk why they are takling about missions

zombiedeadhead > Can someone help me kill Dagan?

ItsmeHcK1 > no

Baltasar Kyros > so you can help me get started in pvp?

Baltasar Kyros > i read the rifter guide but that doesn't seem right for punishers

ItsmeHcK1 > Never could kill anything, tbh. :(

Grohalmatar > ask away, just don't listen to anything proxy tells you

Raxip Elamp > tbh get a dozen cheaply fitted Rifters, lose them all

J'Ribs > there is a punisher guide out there

Baltasar Kyros > i can't fly rifters

Baltasar Kyros > i want the nice shiny gold punisher

Raxip Elamp > Learn.

ItsmeHcK1 > Better start training. :P

Baltasar Kyros > it looks like spaceships should look

Proxyyyy > Then fly it balt

Proxyyyy > Dont listen^

Proxyyyy >

Nomad Storm > punishers arnt terrible

Proxyyyy > cl!de^

Proxyyyy > = (

Raxip Elamp > God I hate ucma.

Tsubutai > ccc


Baltasar Kyros > there are no punishers on that link :(

Baltasar Kyros > do you fly punishers proxxxxxxxyyy?

Xuthi > balt

Xuthi > check this guide out too its good

Xuthi >

Xuthi > if you aint already

Grohalmatar > punishers are fine, rifters are just easier, but the trick is buy a bunch, fly cheap, and learn the mechanics of piracy, learn what you can engage, how to scan etc. you just have to get out and do it

Proxyyyy > Back in the day yeah

Proxyyyy > and recently yes

Baltasar Kyros > thanks xuthi, i will do

J'Ribs > Punisher Guide:

Baltasar Kyros > oh wow, thanks man

Baltasar Kyros > i am going to kill lots of rifters and prove the amarr are better

Sainsbury > ./o\

Baltasar Kyros > VICTOR AMARR

Raxip Elamp > Okay Balt 1v1

Raxip Elamp > I'll even fit only t1

Suzu Fujibayashi > but don't look at the punisher fit with electron blaster

Proxyyyy > Love balta tbh

Baltasar Kyros > i will kill you raxip

Miura Bull > if you do go for the rifter balt try to aim for something like this for mad deeps pvp

Proxyyyy > lol

Baltasar Kyros > i have made a punisher just for you

Miura Bull > a good starter rifter that maybe you could transmit over to the puni?

Raxip Elamp > Hee hee hee Eeeeexcellent

Proxyyyy > Baltasar Kyros i think you should chat with Sassy B about some punisher love

Proxyyyy > Has good insight into z ship

Baltasar Kyros > Baltasar Kyros' Punisher

< Balt links a hideous Punisher complete with Gyro >

ItsmeHcK1 > Remember what Grohal said, Balt.

Baltasar Kyros > this is my ship to kill raxip

ItsmeHcK1 > Never listen to Proxy.

Raxip Elamp > OH SHIT GUYS

Raxip Elamp > I'm fucked

ItsmeHcK1 > Not sure if serious.jpg. :(

Miura Bull > oh balt

Grohalmatar > ummm gyro . . .

Nomad Storm > no way thats serious

Proxyyyy > lol love this dude

Baltasar Kyros > what's wrong?

Miura Bull > it's not a bad fit I suppose

Baltasar Kyros > i made sure it is all lasers

Xuthi > need a point :)

ItsmeHcK1 > If you just change the highs..

ItsmeHcK1 > And the lows.

Baltasar Kyros > becausre they told me not to mix weapons

ItsmeHcK1 > And the meds.

ItsmeHcK1 > You might have a good fit.

Grohalmatar > read the punisher guide balt

Xuthi > you need a warp scrambler , take out the web in the mid

Miura Bull > mate - - don't listen to them they are trying to mess your fit up

Xuthi > for a start

Miura Bull > so they don't have to fight you see

Xuthi > :)

Xuthi > without a scram your target can just warp off balt. every pvp ship needs one, pretty much required if you want to solo in it

Miura Bull > Xuthi would you 1 v 1 that?

Baltasar Kyros > miura, io think you are being mean

Raxip Elamp > Miura you're a terrible troll.

Xuthi > no id run like a little gurl ;P

Miura Bull > hey I'm not trolling

Xuthi > :D

Proxyyyy > Balt, just try it out

Proxyyyy > Also, i think ur a toady troll

< tee-hee >

Miura Bull > he means you are green and ugly

Miura Bull > ignore him he is being bad

Raxip Elamp > Miura stop trolling the newb

Miura Bull > this some kind of witch hunt?

Miura Bull > poor guy leave him alone guys

Baltasar Kyros > what is happening? what have i done?

ItsmeHcK1 > :P

Raxip Elamp > Nothing but what comes natural to a newblet

ItsmeHcK1 > You've unleashed the trolls.


Xuthi > lol

Nomad Storm > but dont the trolls live there too


Miura Bull > they live under the bridges


Baltasar Kyros > this place is odd

Baltasar Kyros > you guys are wierd

Xuthi > haha

Raxip Elamp > Pirates, man. We're all a bunch of wierdoes.

Baltasar Kyros > but better than my starter corp

Proxyyyy > Ob toady

< proxyyyy accuses Toady once again >

Grohalmatar > toady, do you think you could train for drakes or canes on this new character so we can actually do something useful together?

< and again grohal >

Miura Bull > you should ask Wensley about punisher's . . that kid grew up in one over in Amamake

Raxip Elamp > YEs

Nomad Storm > i thought he was a rifter fanboi

Wensley > i did what now?

Raxip Elamp > Wens is a puni expert

Miura Bull > nah man

Raxip Elamp > Miura you tard

Miura Bull > this channel is full of hurt

Miura Bull > new guy comes in here wanting some advice and you rip him to pieces

Raxip Elamp > And you just troll him the whole time

Miura Bull > me the troll?!?

Proxyyyy > = /

Miura Bull > that's harsh

Proxyyyy > U do know he's toady right?

Proxyyyy > Toadzilla = this dude

< get in there son! >

Miura Bull > No he's not

Miura Bull > don't listen to him Balt

Baltasar Kyros > toady has been helping me

Baltasar Kyros > i am not toady

Proxyyyy > k

Miura Bull > hang in there buddy

Wensley > eh speaks the truth. toady has been helping him

ItsmeHcK1 > I do not believe.

Nomad Storm > probably been talking to himself

Wensley > rifter drifter has scrolled up too far but miura and raxip can vouch

Miura Bull > :)

Wensley > there's no need to be mean to the little nublet

ItsmeHcK1 > :P

Baltasar Kyros > thanks wensley. don't call me a nublet though!


Miura Bull > LMOL

Nomad Storm > i might have to fit a punisher now

Raxip Elamp > C Toady was giving him lots of help

Baltasar Kyros > so how should i fit it? and how do i stop people runniong way

Sassy B > LAZOR PUNISHER BEST PUNISHER wat u lookin at

Baltasar Kyros > toady said a scram would be enough but the rifter guide says otherwise :(

Proxyyyy > thnk u sasa

Proxyyyy > gank punisher ftw

Proxyyyy > let the real newbs figure out the rest

Miura Bull > cold gas and heat a good mix?

Raxip Elamp > Hey Sassy just want to say before I log soonish that I'm a huge fan of you and Lady S.

Proxyyyy > btw Sassy B 3 bs's taking down a offline pos in Egmar Solar System

Proxyyyy > Or something

Proxyyyy > guns dont seem to be firing

Baltasar Kyros > toady said i should use scorch s

Baltasar Kyros > but it says "has fairly low damage potential, low tracking and is of limited use against heavily armored targets"

Baltasar Kyros > that can't be good, surely

Baltasar Kyros > can i only shoot shield ships? :(

Sassy B > yes it is purpal laser and the second best laser. imperial navy multifrequency is WHITE LASER and the best laser.

Sassy B > lasers are best at shields but can shoot all ships

Raxip Elamp > lol

Proxyyyy > Can out damage the rifter at range and close range it can out tank

Proxyyyy > either shield or armor fits tbh

Sassy B > no at close range it can be outtracked and die going :((((

Sassy B > i have been on both sides of this equation

Proxyyyy > because u arent using gats = /

Raxip Elamp > I've only been on one side :D

Sassy B > tracking is still rubbish with autos

Sassy B > compared to rifter

Proxyyyy > bonus unbonus

Yahrr > try using blasters with void XDeven after the 'fix'

Baltasar Kyros > so the rifter is just generally better?

Sassy B > yes

Baltasar Kyros > should i train that instead?

Proxyyyy > Overall

Baltasar Kyros > punishers look so cool

Sassy B > i love punishers, but rifter is plain better

J'Ribs > Baltasar:

J'Ribs > go to eve kills

Miura Bull > you could have the best of both worlds and fly the laser rifter

J'Ribs > and see how many rifters end up on killmails. and how many punishers do.

Proxyyyy > I have killed rifters with my own gank punisher but only coz am mad elite

J'Ribs > it's 15-1 in rifters favor

Proxyyyy > but also lost twice because of nuets

Proxyyyy > had no nos

Baltasar Kyros > how does the gank punisher work?

Proxyyyy > Shield and armor ritfers**

Sassy B > its not that ganky

PhantomDan > whats the difference between nos and neut again?

Yahrr > and ccp hammer himself is a fan of rifters, so it wont be nerfed any time soon

Proxyyyy > gank pun does 115 at close range

Nomad Storm > why would they nerf them lol

Proxyyyy > 100 with scorch

Miura Bull > mad deeps

Sassy B > i dunno i prophesise an AC nerf

Wensley > how can you not be a fan of rifters

Proxyyyy > Just a good mix of tank and damage

Proxyyyy > lacks fully tackle

Yahrr > because its the only t1 frig that is in use atm? I would prefer that they boost the rest, but effort-wise a nerf is easier

Wensley > ccp hammer knows his shit

Sassy B > nah tristan is way awesome now

Yahrr > in eve its rifter-vs-rifter-vs-dramiel-vs-rifter-vs-dramiel

Nomad Storm > + drake

Wensley > sassy speaks the truth

Nomad Storm > x1000

Miura Bull > until balt steps into the field with his puni

Wensley > rifter and dram are so popular for their speed

Wensley > minmatar will always be the skirmish ship of choiuce

Proxyyyy > merlin and rifter r p much in their own league

Baltasar Kyros > hmmmm

Sassy B > train for what you think is awesome

Baltasar Kyros > so i should just go and fly around and load purple ammo?

Sassy B > dont worry about whats best

Grohalmatar > and white ammo, and listen to sassy

Yahrr > purple ammo?

Yahrr > ohh lasers...

Miura Bull > the green ammo is actually the best balt

Sassy B > green is p cool now actually

Grohalmatar > has anybody tried conflag in medium turrets yet?

Yahrr > sulei has

Miura Bull > especially flying with a mottled red backdrop of a burning amarrian sky

Nomad Storm > i used to use them before too

Yahrr > and his tracking failed

Proxyyyy > conflag and hail worked before when shooting other cruisers and bc's

Proxyyyy > only realy never worked on the frig level

Proxyyyy > speed sig and what not

Baltasar Kyros > the augror looks cool. i want to fly like that

Proxyyyy > Toady u r p bored arent you?

< ha! >

Sassy B > i had an augror battleboat once it was rubbish :(

Sassy B > died to an ecm burst rupture

Grohalmatar > lol

Wensley > is today even online still?

< the trolls realise toady has logged off >

Proxyyyy > he logged 5 - 10 min ago

Proxyyyy > or his main did

Miura Bull > Balt the augoror is an excellent choice

Baltasar Kyros > tormentor looks like a fishing hook

Nomad Storm > for dieing in a fire

Baltasar Kyros > why is augoror so bad? it looks well har

Baltasar Kyros > *hard

Nomad Storm > you shoulda seen the old one

Miura Bull > it is kind of l33t

J'Ribs > I made a LOT salvaging in my tormentor back in the day

Baltasar Kyros > old one? it changed

Miura Bull > they had to nerf it

Miura Bull > it was mad deeps

Miura Bull > now it is semi mad deeps brosef

Baltasar Kyros > deeps?

Proxyyyy > Word sule stole from me

Baltasar Kyros > like vertical like myrmidon? they are sexy

Proxyyyy > DPS toady

Proxyyyy > U r p fail

Miura Bull > Deeps is short for deep heat overload system

Miura Bull > s

Baltasar Kyros > I AM NOT TOADY

Baltasar Kyros > stop it

Baltasar Kyros > i just want to know how to be a pirate

Proxyyyy > So your not coming on a roam with me and sam tonight?

Wensley > who is sam?

< does anybody notice the possible slip up by Wens? >

J'Ribs > Balt: YUou have to read, and fly.... and lose

Miura Bull > :D

Sassy B > exploding is totally the best way to learn, it makes stuff stick in your head

< nobody noticed! >

Proxyyyy > aye

Baltasar Kyros > like blood and guts

Baltasar Kyros > one day i will get really good and i will hunt you down proxsxxxy and kill you a million times for calling me a toad

Sassy B > i learnt that recon ships were not just big covops by warping a t1 gun rifter at a pilgrim

Proxyyyy > its p easy to do

Proxyyyy > i die alot

Baltasar Kyros > is it because you fall asleep on your keyboard like when you were typing your name

Miura Bull > lol

Proxyyyy > lol

Proxyyyy > u so cute TOADY!

< oh dear >

Proxyyyy > gfgfgfgf

Grohalmatar > 6/10 honestly, could have laid more groundwork, but it has been entertaining

Baltasar Kyros > Proxyyyy gfgfgfgf

Baltasar Kyros > you what now?

Miura Bull > Avan Sercedos is a good pilot

Grohalmatar > ^^^^^^^

Wensley > [23:02:28] Miura Bull Avan Sercedos is a good pilot

[Miura Bull > where is he?

Proxyyyy > Avan rage quite eve

Baltasar Kyros > where do i find him?

Miura Bull > we want him back in eve now

Miura Bull > USA he lives on a boat out there

Proxyyyy > He logs on from time to time to change skills

Baltasar Kyros > why are you telling me this if he left?

Miura Bull > cos he'll be back

Baltasar Kyros > soon?

Miura Bull > give him a few hours

Miura Bull > add him to address book and wait for him to log on

Miura Bull > he will go green in the corner of your screen

Baltasar Kyros > i have to go to bed soon. its my turn to run the kids into school tomorrow

Miura Bull > when he does this . . grab him for convo chat

Miura Bull > oh ok balty

< An unsuspecting Toady logs back on >

Proxyyyy > Hey look! Its Toadzilla

Miura Bull > hi Toadzilla

Baltasar Kyros > so if i want to be a pirate like you who do i talk to? is prozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy in charge?

Proxyyyy > charge of what?


Baltasar Kyros > this channel

Miura Bull > he runs this channel yeah

Toadzilla > o/

Proxyyyy > Toadzilla i swear to gawd u r so annoying = /

Miura Bull > he is chief moderator i think, he formed the tuskers back in the day
Toadzilla > :\ ??

Proxyyyy > Suleiman Shouaa have you read the recent chapter of claymore?

Wensley > toady, the keep saying i'm you and won't help me. i thought you said the tuskers were good for beginners

< A deliberate mistake by Wensley, surely now Proxyyy will be wise to our little game >

Grohalmatar > woops :)

Miura Bull > ignore them balt

ItsmeHcK1 > lol

Nomad Storm > wow

Miura Bull > don't listen to what they are about to say

Baltasar Kyros > so is proxxxxy in charge?

Miura Bull > yes he is

Toadzilla > what's going on?

Baltasar Kyros > miura, i think your surname is good because you are full of it

Proxyyyy > Me thinking of ways to cut u toady

< nope none the wiser >

Miura Bull > how dare you

Miura Bull > OH MY GOD

Toadzilla > why would you cut me?

zombiedeadhead > thats a rl threat, babbable


zombiedeadhead > bannable*

zombiedeadhead > Reprted

Sassy B > lol babbable

Proxyyyy > ROFL nice one zombie

Miura Bull > zombie

zombiedeadhead > Dont

Proxyyyy > Hmm, might go get some fish n chips

Miura Bull > prox

Miura Bull > do you have real fish and chip shops over there?

Proxyyyy > Yeep

Baltasar Kyros > fish and chips will maek you fat, prox

Miura Bull > awesome

zombiedeadhead > proxyyy is a very fat man

Baltasar Kyros > well, unless you are already fat, in which case it will make yuo super fat

zombiedeadhead > he works in KFC

zombiedeadhead > and eats pizza

Miura Bull > pics or it never happeneed

Toadzilla > proxy's bio used to say he was like 110kg

Toadzilla > that's pretty fat

Baltasar Kyros > why does he not just eat chicken?

zombiedeadhead > And he has not had sex since he started to Pvp

Toadzilla > I guess he's tired of eating chicken what with working at a kfc

Baltasar Kyros > penis vs pussy?

Wensley > he he

zombiedeadhead > Ah, maybe I should tell you about his crotch problem

zombiedeadhead > Proxyyyy how is your mom these days?

Proxyyyy > lol

zombiedeadhead > Hae you shown her anything interesting layely?

Proxyyyy > Nope

Proxyyyy > Havent been talking to her tbh

Baltasar Kyros > braaaaaaaaaaaaaaainz

zombiedeadhead > Im not surprised tbh

Proxyyyy > Yeep

Baltasar Kyros > doesn't she come downstairs to do your laundry and make you tidy the room?

Grohalmatar > did you ever get arrested for punching that chick proxy?

zombiedeadhead > After you showed her your crotch rot

Proxyyyy > Nope

zombiedeadhead > Has it cleared up yet Proxyyyy?

Proxyyyy > yeeep

zombiedeadhead > Cool, the smell must have been nasty, glad its gone

Jin EnTonik > is that adding insult to injury or attempting a cover-up?

Suleiman Shouaa > Heard about your vaga zombie

Proxyyyy > Ye, i was realy scared back then zombie

sprocket13 > any of you fine pirates in sing liason region?

zombiedeadhead > I remember man, you were in a bad way

zombiedeadhead > glad youw were sensible and showed it to your mother

Suleiman Shouaa > We're fairly close by, why?

zombiedeadhead > Thats totally what I would have done

Baltasar Kyros > i am bored of you now. logging my main off.

sprocket13 > looking for a price check on a mac

Miura Bull > lol balt

Proxyyyy > Sometimes you gotta man up zombie

zombiedeadhead > Yep

Suleiman Shouaa > We don't support apple/mcdonalds

Proxyyyy > Show your mom your cock

Proxyyyy > you knwo what im saying?

Baltasar Kyros >

Baltasar Kyros > can someone link all those punisher fits again? i want to save them for reals

Baltasar Kyros > forgot the first time around

Toadzilla > Punisher - Lsers

Miura Bull > you should use the one you have now tbh

Baltasar Kyros > thankee

Baltasar Kyros > wher ebe this gank one that mr important proxxxxy linked?

Sassy B > i reckon you should ditch the plate and fit a heatsink

Baltasar Kyros > maek link pls sassy

Sassy B > wat u lookin at is t2 fit tho

Baltasar Kyros > and where's my banner? :P

< another deliberate mistake thrown in, Sassy gets wise >

Miura Bull > :p

Sassy B > wrong account :P

Baltasar Kyros > :P

Baltasar Kyros > Any other good amarr frigate fits worth a play?

Baltasar Kyros > how's the malediction post rocket boost?

Sassy B > girl sum bitch ykno

Baltasar Kyros > oooh, i like

Miura Bull > sick

Baltasar Kyros > is proxy sulking since his fight with zombie?


Proxyyyy > I dont fight with zombie

Proxyyyy > We love each other to much

Miura Bull > these are proper gank boats

Baltasar Kyros > ronan, are you still rolling comedy amarr?

Miura Bull > and cool names too :)

Baltasar Kyros > top notch naming

Sassy B > tyty

Proxyyyy > lol

Baltasar Kyros > i wish rylack was still around

Baltasar Kyros > :(

Grohalmatar > he was on yesterday actually

Toadzilla > rylack was the best

Toadzilla > wat

Miura Bull > rylack

Baltasar Kyros > i see him around sometimes

Grohalmatar > not in a corp currently

Miura Bull > he was awesome

Toadzilla > rylack needs to be in rifter drifter

Miura Bull > Rylack started a punisher guide didn't he?

Baltasar Kyros > yeah

Phil Alex >

Baltasar Kyros > he does actually, i'll invite him

Appelle Tini > yay rylack~! really?

Appelle Tini > aw thought he was here, psh

Baltasar Kyros > "4-2-4 slot configuration (compared to the Rifter and Tristan’s 4-3-3 and the Merlin’s 4-4-2"

Baltasar Kyros > sounds like football :)

Sassy B > noone ever beleives me when i say punisher is best without plate :(

Baltasar Kyros > i do sassy.

Baltasar Kyros > i have never flown the damn thing so actually do want fits/advice

Suleiman Shouaa > Its too slow with a plate

Sassy B > ^^ thats the thing

Baltasar Kyros > sulei, you must have some good amarr fits

Proxyyyy > I also dont sass

Proxyyyy > believe u

Miura Bull > Sulei wrote a blog post on the punisher

Baltasar Kyros > sulei wrote a blog post about how he is a rich bastard.

Baltasar Kyros > it was full of useful content

Baltasar Kyros > he's gone now

Baltasar Kyros > :(

Miura Bull > but does he havea fine art collection? :p

Baltasar Kyros > i'm sure i once saw a vengeance that could tank sentries

Miura Bull > that's the dual rep mongoose

Baltasar Kyros > so you still need a web to make rockets worth a damn?

Sassy B > dual rep veng is only good if you consider your opponent running away to be a win

Miura Bull > that's how you win eve right?

Baltasar Kyros > it is in the north

Miura Bull > lol

Baltasar Kyros > as you will learn

Miura Bull > drop blob, half die, run away

Baltasar Kyros > man the south is DULL DULL DULL today

Baltasar Kyros > the north is like russia

Miura Bull > cold and full of drunks?

Toadzilla > is NC blue with test/goons?

Baltasar Kyros > the proper NC?

Baltasar Kyros > or the trolling NC.?

Toadzilla > idk man the one in the north

Baltasar Kyros > yes, then

Baltasar Kyros > miss sassy, what is you feeling on buffer vs active tanks on punishers?

Sassy B > if you put a plate on a punisher you're saying goodbye to any possible chance of holding your opponent in the fight

Baltasar Kyros > kk

Latronicus > unless its a noob cruiser

Latronicus > or bc

Sassy B > your also quite likely making it p obvious they're not gonna win by the fact that only a tiny sliver of red is appearing on your armor when they shoot you

Sassy B > for big ships your best off without plate to keep speed up

Baltasar Kyros > makes sense

Baltasar Kyros > bearing in mind i think the ishlur is an absolute brick

Proxyyyy > U going to esplode ^

Sassy B > why? it has the same ehp with no plate as a 200mm plate rifter

Sassy B > and way better rep

Baltasar Kyros > handling wise

Baltasar Kyros > i know it tanks better, it just feels like a wahle

Sassy B > i was talkin to proxyyy :)

Proxyyyy > toady is just bad

< muhahaha >

Baltasar Kyros > bearing in mind i compare verything to rifters

Proxyyyy > Not realy commenting on what u said sas

Sassy B > lol prox

Baltasar Kyros > mate, i am not toady alt

Proxyyyy > we dont disagree on much

Sassy B > <3 Miura Bull > this is amazing

Toadzilla > wtf I didn't even say anything

Baltasar Kyros > i think toady is just bemused

Appelle Tini > ur alts r evrywere

Baltasar Kyros > i only have one main and two alts

Grohalmatar > too many alts, ive got a headache

Baltasar Kyros > and both alts are in here

Miura Bull > :)

Baltasar Kyros > well, they are now she's logged in

Baltasar Kyros > buy me stuff in jita, woman!

Toadzilla > proxy did you get signed up on the forums yet?

< long pause . . . . . . >

Miura Bull > I think he is eating fission chips

Thanks for reading. And thanks to all those who took part - whether willingly or not.


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