Ramones - Subterranean Jungle (Remastered) 2002 Rhino

01. Little Bit O' Soul

02. I Need Your Love

03. Outsider

04. What'd Ya Do?

05. Highest Trails Above

06. Somebody Like Me

07. Psycho Therapy

08. Time Has Come Today

09. My-My Kind Of A Girl

10. In The Park

11. Time Bomb

12. Everytime I Eat Vegetables It Make Me Think Of You

13. Indian Giver (Original Mix)

14. New Girl In Town

15. No One To Blame (Demo)

16. Roots Of Hatred (Demo)

17. Bumming Along (Demo

18. Unhappy Girl (Demo)

19. My-My Kind Of Girl (Acoustic Demo)

Well at least I have all of this one, also has my fav Ramones song Psycho Therapy.

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