Finger Paints Winter Dreams Collection Winter/Holiday 2010

Another lovely Christmas polish collection for your viewing (and perhaps purchasing) pleasure...

This time it's Finger Paints' Holiday set and it's a good one. Finger Paints' winter collections always kick ass. Such an overlooked brand (possibly because you can only buy it in one place), but they really do make great colors.

Holiday Winter Wishes. This is a three-way tie for my favorite polish of the collection. I can't pick just one favorite. This is a really unique glitter, too. At first you might think it looks like Zoya Luna or China Glaze The Ten Man (ten man... ten man... still hate typing that name) but it's really quite different. It's a silver glitter mixed with some very soft gold and champagne glitter in a semi-sheer just barely gold tinted silvery-white base. It has an overall soft, sparkling snowy champagne look. Not pure silver, not strong gold. Lovely. (Irrelevant yet funny: Mine was labelled "Mulberry Madness" and I was all, "this doesn't look mulberry to me!")
EDIT: Heather, you're right, this is Winter Wishes! Mine had the wrong label and I don't know where I got Holiday from XD

Holly Good Times. This is the second one tied for favorite. It's amazing. I know this is supposed to be a Christmas-themed collection, but this one totally screams Thanksgiving. It's a simple combination of gold and red glitter in a clear base, but it looks much more fancy and complex than it actually is. I don't have another glitter like this. To make it even better, it's sheer enough (but just barely) for layering- looks really nice over brown.

Just Plum Fun. A very dark red-toned purple shimmer. Very pretty, not terribly original or exciting, though. Love the color but I was hoping it would be a bit more sparkly!

Merry Mittens. My only disappointment in the collection. It looks amazing in the bottle but it comes out very lumpy/bumpy on the nail. It's a cranberry frost base with tiny gold microglitter, that should have been a dead giveaway that it would end up lumpy. The base is so thick and frosty that the glitter can't shine through. On the upside, it's so thick that it's completely opaque in one coat.

Mistletoe Mischief. This is also tied for favorite! Obviously. Dark green jelly, sparkling green microglitter? It practically has my name written all over it. It does not disappoint. While it is the sheerest color in the collection, the sheerness actually makes this polish better, adding depth to what could have been just a plain green glitter. I love jelly glitters.

Mulberry Madness. Madness, I tell you! MADNESS! Or... something like that? It's not exactly mad, but it is sparkly. It's a little darker than my picture shows. It's a mulberry-red tinted base with pink/red and subtle silver glitter. I was expecting yet another Ruby Pumps clone, but it's actually not! It's different! It's darker, more wine toned. Reminds me of Thanksgiving again. Cranberry sauce. Hm.

The formula on these was varied but good. Mulberry Madness, Holiday Wishes and Merry Mittens were thick, the other three were average. Opacity was great, most needed only two coats, Merry Mittens needed just one. I did three of all and the only one that looked better with three was Holly Good Times. Drying time was a little slower than average. The glitters do dry rather rough, so you may want to double up on topcoat. Actually, try putting a coat of Gelous on before your topcoat, lately I've been finding that to work very well for smoothing lumpy glitters.

Awesome collection. I love to see a good old-fashioned red and green glitter holiday collection. It isn't all red and green, either. It has silvery champagne (would that be platinum? White gold?), gold/red glitter and even a purple. Good balance of 'fun' and 'traditional.' Two thumbs up from me!

(These were sent to me for review.)

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