Some of you out there might most definitely be aware of this now long time and persisting disturbing deviant obsession/fetish of mine for shiny pants and, independently but not necessarily incompatibly, snack noodles! Yep! Judge me all you want that's just the way it is! Shiny pants rock and snack noodles are the best snack in a bag one can buy!! So if I had a Tumblr account, which is something I'm not against just have very little time for and therefore will most probably never endeavor to start... That's absolutely what it would be called and obviously what it would be all about! Mhmm!

So if you're a fan of the shiny shiny pants and/or the delicious snack noodles... Here's Miss Amissa, first of surprisingly many to sign up for this sparkly and chicken flavoured adventure and maybe secretly also enjoy shiny pants and snack noodles a bit too much too!!

Today's promised calendar and news update has unfortunately been delayed due to shiny pants... Tomorrow most probably!!!

Catch ya tomorrow!
Stay awesome!!!!

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