Radiohead - Kid A (Japanese Reissue Edition) (2009) Import

Disc: 1

01. Everything In Its Right Place

02. Kid A

03. The National Anthem

04. How To Disappear Completely

05. Treefingers

06. Optimistic

07. In Limbo

08. Idioteque

09. Morning Bell

10. Motion Picture Soundtrack

Disc 1 is the Japanese Remaster.

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Disc: 2

01. Everything In It's Right Place (BBC Radio One Evening Session)

02. How To Disappear Completely (BBC Radio One Evening Session)

03. Idioteque (BBC Radio One Evening Session)

04. The National Anthem (BBC Radio One Evening Session)

05. Optimistic (Live) (Lamacq Live In Concert: Victoria Park)

06. Morning Bell (Canal+ Studios)

07. The National Anthem (Canal+ Studios)

08. How To Disappear Completely (Canal+ Studios)

09. In Limbo (Canal+ Studios)

10. Idioteque (Canal+ Studios)

11. Everything In Its Right Place (Canal+ Studios)

12. Motion Picture Soundtrack (Canal+ Studios)

13. True Love Waits (Live)

Disc 2 is the Bonus cd from the U.S. Collectors Edition.

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