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Good morning from the old gweilo lands of the West!

After a full day of flying, I find myself in the French countryside for a few days! A little break for a week!

It's kinda nice and new for me to miss my Chinese home a bit but I am totally enjoying this other side of the world escape for a few days! An important wedding, family catch up, the best food the world can offer and lots of it and almost more importantly... 20 celsius with .05% humidity is feeling absolutely amazing!!!!!

I'll be here till middle of next week, taking it light before I make it back home to jump right back to my busy schedule of madness!

Did I mention it was 20 degrees with virtually no humidity??? I haven't seen a day bellow 28 with less than 80% humidity since January this year!!! This is absolutely awesome!!!

More adventure posts from the West asap!

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