Serving the Gun

In some armies, the weapon of artillery is the projectile, not the piece that fires it. The process of delivering fire onto the target is called gunnery. The actions involved in operating the piece are collectively called "serving the gun" or "detachment" by the gun crew, constituting either direct or indirect artillery fire.

The Thrasher bolted away from the field, its bullet riddled hull almost buckling under the stress of initiating warp, moments earlier the Destroyer class vessel had landed smack on top of an Ishkur Assault Frigate. Quickly trying to pull range before the scram was landed the old Minmatar vessel's microwarpdrive sprung into life for a brief moment before spluttering to a stop.

Projectiles streaked across the sky slamming into the Gallente hull, bombardment after bombardment between the long pauses as the artillery recoiled and reloaded with a loud clunk. A race to the death was on as drone fire and blaster slugs reduced the Thrasher deep into hull, but then one last wrecking blow from the artillery and the fight was over, at 17% hull points remaining it couldn't have been any closer could it?


Later that evening in the same solar system and after some much needed repair work another fight was stirring. An Enyo and a Taranis were lurking around the asteroid belts, the Thrasher slammed into the asteroid field and landed right on top of the Interceptor and Assault Frigate, which wasn't part of the master plan, nor was it an ideal place to be in an artillery fitted Thrasher. The incoming damage was heavy, aligning for the sun and concentrating first on the Taranis it was another one of those races again, although this time with more of that sinking feeling sprinkled into the equation. Then with a blinding flash the Taranis was no more, fully expecting the Enyo to continue the onslaught it was a huge relief when the Thrasher's warpdrive engines sparked into life and the Destroyer was spat out of the belt towards the sun. . . . with 6% structure hitpoints remaining.



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