Thrashers Thrashing & Other Nice Things

I shall be spending the next month on deployment over in Lonetrek region. It should hopefully bring about some new avenues to explore and some good fights. I've moved over a small selection of tackle ships, after all if the stay is only for a month I don't think I'll be needing too much gear over here. (Hopefully).

Whilst waiting for the main core of the alliance to move up, the big hitters if you like, I decided to train up the Destroyer skill and get myself into a Thrasher. I'm so glad I did - this ship is so much fun and has netted me some nice kills. I went on a little roam and ended up in the Amamake area where I managed to brawl away with a Thorax that melted with little resistance,a Coercer that died in a hail of projectile fire, an Incursus that popped nicely and an Executioner that crumpled under the weight of 200mm autocannons ripping at its face. But the real proper fights were these two Hawks that possibly underestimated the power of the Thrasher. This one and then this one. Good fights, good brawls and quite nice loot for what was essentially a dicking around session. I also took along with me some camera drones to record my fights for a future video I have planned, but more on that at a later date.

Also, on my first day of moving ships over to Lonetrek the call came over intel that a carrier and a tech 3 cruiser were tackled in a nearby system. I joined in the assault and was pleased to confirm my first carrier kill and was happy that I managed to kill a tech 3 cruiser within hours of moving to the new area of operation.

Looking forward to some fun fights in the coming month and hopefully some great stories to tell.


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